Thursday, May 21, 2015

Outline 1979 LP

Many thanks to my good friend Colourzone for this awesome rip which I have restored for your Audio pleasure.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A newly discovered Jackal Edit

 I was searching through my Hard Drive the other night when I stumbled on this track The Jackal sent me back in December 2010. It is a great edit of these two tracks seamlessly blended together. I hope you enjoy it and leave some positive comments.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Love & Kisses 1977 Jimmy Michaels Expanded Remaster

Many thanks to Jimmy Michaels for this expanded remaster, and to my good friend Colourzone for the link.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Newly discovered Jackal Mix from 2010

This is a mix I recently found on my Hard Drive from 2010 mixed and edited by the late great 'The Jackal'

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eric Mercury 1981 WAV

A1. Gimme A Call Sometime 4:40
A2. Get It Right 4:58
A3. Tell Me The Truth 3:56
A4. Include Me Out 4:04
B1. It's Just Like Love 4:55
B2. Killem (With Love) 5:42
B3. To Become 4:50
B4. You Feel Like Mine 5:41

Produced by Eric Mercury & Ray Chew

Eric Mercury is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician.
He was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario into a family of musicians.
He performed with groups including The Pharaohs and Eric Mercury and the Soul Searchers in the 1960s, and moved to New York in 1968 to perform by himself.
His debut solo album was recorded in 1969.The title of this album was Electric Black Man and then followed by Funky Sounds Nurtured in the Fertile Soil of Memphis That Smells of Rock (1972), Love Is Taking Over (1973), Eric Mercury (1975) and Gimme A Call Sometime (1981).

Later he began writing material for other artists such as Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway for whom he also produced. He took part in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He also had a role in the film The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh as Rudy / League Commissioner and as Tyrone Blackwood in American Hot Wax.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1971 until Christmas 1978. Then back to N.Y. after spending a year in Toronto in 1986 worked in a management and production role for the band Age of Reason. The band failed to attract any interest from a major record label recording and went to Chicago until 1997 and returned to Toronto in the same year.!RdNSBJRJ!UOvrTBe1PESHIfEvXcRq3bzSBWsKBBIV6t1ekIMiH6Y

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ADC Band - Talk That Stuff 1979 LP in WAV

Although ADC Band was signed to Cotillion, which automatically stuffed them into the generic disco suit that many of their labelmates wore, they were actually laying down some pretty interesting funk-fueled songs, influenced not only by the Parliament/Funkadelic experience, but also by the slower grooves of War and the like. And, while it was 1978's Long Stroke that heralded their initial recognition, by the time Talk That Stuff was released less than a year later, people were primed. The band wouldn't disappoint, from the moment the pounding "Stank Machine" opened the album. "I Just Want to Hold You," meanwhile, is a superb down-tempo number, dominated by outstanding vocals and suburb horns, while the title track itself hinges around humorous repartee between Audrey Matthews (who also takes a turn behind the drum kit on "ADC Is Back") and James Maddock Jr. "At the Party," meanwhile, has a wonderful Sly Stone-inflected ambience. ADC Band was sorely overlooked both in the funk community and by the general public, the consequence of arriving too late in the day, and sounding too old school to be part of the then-happening crowd. Sad as that may be, the modern funk aficionado will be pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.

Monday, March 16, 2015

ADC Band - Long Stroke 1978 LP in WAV

A nine-member funk and soul aggregation co-led by Kaiya Matthews and Michael Judkins, the ADC Band recorded for Cotillion in the late '70s and early '80s. At their best, the cuts utilized the funk touches of Parliament/Funkadelic and Slave. The biggest hit was 1978's "Long Stroke," which made it to number six on the R&B charts.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Evelyn Thomas - Weak Spot 1975 7'' Single in WAV

A. Weak Spot
B. Dancin' Is My Weak Spot

Written by Ian Levine & Paul Wilson

Produced by Danny Leake & Ian Levine

Arranged by Paul Wilson

Evelyn Thomas (Born Elen Lucille Thomas) in August 1953, is an American singer from Chicago, Illinois.
Discovered by British producer Ian Levine, who was in the US in 1975 scouting for gospel and soul singers he could promote in the UK, the two recorded several tracks which resulted in a contract with 20th Century Records.Evelyn Thomas scored a chart hit with her first single, reaching the UK Top 30 in 1976 with the single "Weak Spot," co-written by Levine and Paul David Wilson .

Link :-

Monday, February 09, 2015

Gonzalez - Haven't Stopped CD Restoration

Gonzalez – Haven't Stopped CD 1996 @320kbps

01. Closer To You 6:56
02. Neptune 5:51
03. Just My Imagination 6:00
04. Cuidado 7:06
05. Got To Get It 5:08
06. Virgin Flight 7:56
07. Hey Ambiente 3:34
08. I Believe In You 5:13
09. Leave Old Dreams 4:42
10. Tribute To Puente 6:06
11. Rissoled 3:31
12. Nothing Ever Comes That Easy 4:00
13. I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet 8:01

Link -

This is my first restoration of a CD, as i was never happy with the sound. Let me know what you think and maybe make some suggestions of CD's which you are not happy with the sound of. If i have them and i can make them sound better then i will give them a go. (Or you could supply me with a rip of your CD to restore)

This compilation was released on CD in 1996 and contains tracks recorded in the 1980s (1 - 10) and tracks from the 1970s (11 -13). I believe that maybe the first 10 tracks were to be released as an album in 1984/85 possibly but it got canned, as they are Produced by the late Roy Davies who died in 1986 and was the driving force behind the band. Tracks 11 & 12 come from the 1975 LP 'Our Weapon Is Our Music' and track 13 was originally from the LP 'Shipwrecked' before it got remixed and the LP was reissued as 'Haven't Stopped Dancinn' cashing in on the tracks popularity in the night clubs.

Gonzalez were put together in summer 1971 by tenor saxophonist Mick Eve and keyboardist Roy Davies. Mick had been a member of Georgie Fame's Blue Flames and Roy played with Freddy Mack. Both were veterans of the club scene in the 60s and had just returned from an Italy tour where they backed Herbie Goins and The Night-Timers. It happened that they sat in a club together with members of Gass and discussed the possibility of playing somewhere together in the evenings, and promptly the new formation was offered the possibility to perform in that club the following Saturday night. About ten people took the stage for that first appearance. Ever since, Gonzalez became a pool for various musicians, hardly ever re-appearing with the same line-up for a second time. In those early stages the band even didn't even have definitive songs, but would use five or six skeleton ideas, stretching them out for an hour with their improvisations.

Shortly thereafter, the group obtained regular bookings. If musicians of Gonzalez were asked to accompany other artists for touring they would usually ask for extremely high salaries in order to frustrate inquiries and be able to stay put and play with Gonzalez. Soon they found themselves doing five nights each week in the broader London area. As their reputation grew, the need to travel to further destinations increased and they decided to record a first album. The self-titled debut album was published in 1974, followed by Our Only Weapon Is Our Music (1975). For that second album, the band recruited vocalist Lenny Zakatek who added a new exciting flavor to the Gonzalez sound. Producer Alan Parson, who had worked next door at Abbey Road studios during the recordings of the Gonzalez debut, became aware of Zakatek's voice also and used the contact to invite him to sing on tracks of the second The Alan Parsons Project album, I Robot. Ever since, Zakatek was not only one of the permanent Gonzalez members, but also a steady contributor to the works of Parsons.

In 1977, the band recorded their third album, Shipwrecked which contains the track "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet". This song was composed and co-produced by American singer Gloria Jones who had moved to Britain as a member of T. Rex and girlfriend of their lead singer Marc Bolan. Initially, the single was neglected by the audience but became a smash success in N.Y.'s disco scene when it was re-introduced there two years later. All of a sudden, "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" also entered the U.K. charts. Gonzalez now found themselves playing toward thousands of people, as opposed to the previous club audiences of two-hundred, three-hundred people which they were used to. Pete Bellotte (Donna Summer's producer) produced the next album Move It to the Music (1979) which contains the single "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady", a failed attempt for a follow-up hit to "I Haven't Stopped ...". After the release of 1980's Watch Your Step (another Jones' co-production) Gonzalez' record contract run out and left the band without a possibility to publish new material. Gonzalez soldiered on until the death from cancer of Roy Davies in 1986 and then broke apart.

In the 90s, the track "Rissoled" from the Our Only Weapon Is Our Music album unexpectedly became a hit in Japan, and bass player Kuma Harada suggested reforming the band, but any efforts in that direction seem to have trickled away unsuccessfully.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goodbye and Thank You

I would just like to say a final Good Bye to you all, and many thanks to all the people who have contributed to this blog in the last seven years.

I may return one day, but for now I will leave you with all the Jackal posts.

Regards Simon

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Jackal Edits Volume 6 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 6 [2014]

01. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (The Jackal's Truth Or Dare Edit) - The Temptations 10:56
02. Holdin On (The Jackal's Don't Let Go) - Tony Rallo & The Midnite Band 7:03
03. Glad To Know You (The Jacckal's Always Glad To Know Edit) - Chas Jankel 10:28
04. You Gave Me Love (The Jackal's Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em Edit) - Crown Height Affair 8:15
05. Youre The One For Me (The Jackal's One For Me Edit) - D Train 13:38
06. Ten Percent (The Jackal's 100% Edit) - Double Exposure 8:52
07. Baby, Dont Change Your Mind (The Jackal's Change The Attack Edit) - Gladys Knight & The Pips 6:34
08. You Stepped Into My Life (The Jackal's Steppin' In Time Edit) - Melba Moore 9:14
09. The Beat Goes On & On (The Jackal's Beat Me Edit) - Ripple 8:13
10. Do What You Wanna Do (The Jackal's Wanna Wanna Edit) - T Connection 8:30


The Jackal Edits Volume 5 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 5 [2014]

01. Say You Love Me Girl (The Jackal's Better To Have Loved Edit) - Breakwater 7:48
02. Give Up The Funk (The Jackal's Funk Revival Edit) - BT Express 9:22
03. The Sound Table (The Jackal's Knights of Camalot Edit) - Cameo 8:31
04. The Sweetest Pain (The Jackal's Philly Dub) - Dexter Wansel 9:33
05. System Of Survival (The Jackal's Instrudubapella Mix Edit) - Earth, Wind & Fire 8:48
06. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (The Jackal's Philly Disco Edit) - McFadden & Whitehead 12:56
07. All About The Paper (The Jackal's Greens & Diploma Edit) - The Dells 8:40
08. I'll Always Love My Mama (The Jackal's Philly Soul Edit #1) - The Intruders 7:49
09. I'll Always Love My Mama (The Jackal's Philly Soul Edit #2) - The Intruders 8:13
10. Minnie The Moocher (The Mooching Jackal Re-Edit) - Cab Calloway 7:24


The Jackal Edits Volume 4 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 4 [2014]

01. This Will Be A Night To Remember (The Jackal's 'A Night At Wigan Casino' Edit) - Eddie Holman 10:18
02. Gimme Hope Joanna (The Jackal's 'No Hope Left' Edit) - Eddy Grant 9:01
03. Tom The Peeper (The Jackal's Less Is More Edit) - Act 1 5:10
04. Let's Groove (The Jackal's Philly Disco Edit) - Archie Bell & The Drells 8:51
05. I'm Out Of Your Life (The Jackal's Better To Have Loved Edit) - Arnie's Love 6:54
06. Music Trance (The Jackal's Trance Edit) - Ben E. King 8:06
07. Are You Ready (The Jackal's I'll Be 5 Minutes More Edit) - Billy Ocean 7:47
08. No Way (The Jackal's Flute & Harmonica Edit) - Bobbi Humphrey 9:35
09. Check Out The Groove (The Jackal's Drums Keep The Time Edit) - Bobby Thurston 10:02
10. Sing A Happy Song (The Jackal's Liberty Bell Edit) - The O'Jays 9:44


The Jackal Edits Volume 3 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 3 [2014]

01. Good Good Feeling (The Jackal's 'Feel Good' Edit) - War 10:35
02. Play That Funky Music (The Jackal's 'Fruit Filled Disco Pie' Edit) - Wild Cherry 10:07
03. A Love Supreme (The Jackal's 'U Gotta Love Jazz' Edit) - Will Downing 8:29
04. Love Chant (The Jackal's 'Vibes Of Distinction' Edit) - Eli's Second Coming 9:57
05. My Lovin' (The Jackal's 'Never Gonna Get It' Edit) - En Vogue 6:44
06. Heobah (The Jackal's 'Oh Yeah' Edit) - Fonda Rae 9:37
07. Never Can Say Goodbye (The Jackal's 'MGM Rules' Edit) - Gloria Gaynor 7:46
08. Pusherman (The Jackal's '2 Grams Of Charlie' Edit) - Curtis Mayfield 7:44
09. Walk Away From Love (The Jackal's 'Before Love Breaks' Edit) - David Ruffin 10:21
10. He's A Friend (The Jackal's 'Dimitriesque' Edit) - Eddie Kendricks 9:57


The Jackal Edits Volume 2 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

he Jackal Edits Volume 2 [2014]

01.'Another Star (The Jackal's 'La La La' Edit)' - Stevie Wonder 10:49
02.'Master Blaster (The Jackal's 'Break Of Night' Edit)' - Stevie Wonder 8:29
03.'Soul Finger (The Jackal's 'Soul Revival' Edit)' - The Bar Kays 5:46
04.'Brick House (The Jackal's 'Second Storey' Edit)' - The Commodores 9:15
05.'Best Of My Love (The Jackal's 'Never Gonna Get It' Edit)' - The Emotions 7:40
06.'Down To Love Town (Dimitri Remix) (The Jackal's 'DJ Friendly' Edit)' - The Originals 6:17
07.'Zulu (The Jackal's 'Michael Caine Was Here' Edit)' - The Quick 9:41
08.'It's A Shame (The Jackal's 'Soul Of Detroit' Edit)' - The Spinners 7:04
09.'Help Is On The Way (The Jackal's 'U Gotta Love Jazz' Edit)' - The Whatnauts 11:59
10.'The Hustle (The Jackal's 'Revival' Edit)' - Van McCoy 10:30


The Jackal Edits Volume 1 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 1 [2014]

01 'Soweto (The Jackal's 'Gimme Hope' Edit)' - Jeffrey Osbourne 7:29
02 'Open Sesame (The Jackal's 'Aladdins Lamp' Edit)' - Kool & The Gang 10:28
03 'Your Magic Put A Spell On Me (The Jackal's 'A Night At Wigan Casino' Edit)' - LJ Johnson ' 8:10
04 'Juicy Fruit (The Jackal's 'Wrigley's Gum' Edit)' - Mtume 7:26
05 'Native New Yorker (The Jackal's 'Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens' Edit)' - Odyssey  9:05
06 'Use It Up And Wear It Out (The Jackal's 'Shake Your Body' Edit)' - Odyssey  9:33
07 'Shake Your Groove Thing (The Jackal's 'Shake My What Now' Edit)' - Peaches & Herb  9:36
08 'Don't Make Me Wait Too Long (The Jackal's 'Make The B@$t@#ds Wait Edit) - Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway 12:14
09 'Beat The Street (The Jackal's 'New York Street' Edit)' - Sharon Redd  10:02
10 'I Don't Wanna Fall In Love (I Just Wanna Dance) (The Jackal's 'Two Left Feet' Edit) - Dave Valentin 8:05
11 'Mama Never Told Me (The Jackal's 'Shoo-Bee-Doo' Re-Edit)' - Sister Sledge 7:14

This is the original first Volume of the Jackal edits that i compiled for his blog in 2012, unfortunately he passed away before it ever got posted.


The Jackal Edits Volume 0 [2014] Compiled by DC2012

The Jackal Edits Volume 0 [2014]

01. Fantasy - Earth, Wind & Fire 11:59
02. Getaway - Earth, Wind & Fire 5:01
03. Getaway 2 - Earth, Wind & Fire 6:40
04. September (Jack's Simplistic Mix) - Earth, Wind & Fire 6:28
05. Work To Do - The Isley Brothers 7:15
06. Dance Yourself Dizzy (Jack 'it Mix) - Liquid Gold 8:23
07. My Baby's Baby (Jack 'It Mix) - Liquid Gold 7:58
08. Machine Gun - The Commodores 9:00
09. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye 7:30
10. Baretta's Theme - Rhythm Heritage 8:02
11. Music Matic - Brick 5:57
12. Fancy Dancer (The Homeless Edit) - Twennynine featuring Lenny White 6:26
13. Movin' On (The Home Shelter Mix) - Twennynine featuring Lenny White 6:21
14. Peanut Butter (The Home Sweet Home Mix) - Twennynine featuring Lenny White 5:13
15. Beware She Is Pulling My Strings - Quickest Way Out 10:05
16. Living In A Box vs Monty Python - Living In A Box 5:23

These are edits sent to me by The Jackal during 2010 and 2011.
Some were rough drafts and some are finished, enjoy and please comment on which ones you enjoyed the most.